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xerlox ( say: zer'locks ) is both a tool and a toolbox that brings Perl, XML, and Verilog together to create an efficient Verilog HDL design environment. xerlox promotes up-front documentation, efficient coding, and design reuse.

The xerlox project is hosted by SourceForge.net ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/xerlox/).


  • Scripted generation of design directories
    • Includes generation of template files
    • Customizable directory structure template
  • Scripted Makefile generation for HDL and documentation
  • Scripted preprocessing of HDL files
  • Automatic I/O documentation from HDL source
  • Documentation can be automatically pulled from HDL source files and embedded in an XML document
  • Customizable HDL and XML templates
  • Emphasis towards DocBook XML documentation
  • Easy partitioning, integration, and generation of module and project level documentation
  • Easy assembly of reusable HDL building blocks
  • Initially, xerlox will assume that cvs modules will provide the reusable HDL building blocks.
  • At some point we hope to add subversion support as an alternative to cvs, or, as a cvs replacement.
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